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2 days ago
صباح الخير 💡
كتب ملهمة وتساعدك في عملية الـ Prototyping او الـ Sketching الأولي للأفكار عن طريق الرسم باليد لمصممي الـUX.
من سلايدات لدورة عن الـPrototyping>. https://t.co/lV9F6oYl7r
cairo_chi photo
2 weeks ago
Open Access to eight of our conference series in 2019 can be found here on our OpenTOC page of Conference Proceedings.

More to come as new proceedings come online in the months ahead. https://t.co/iWs8MSRXlX
4 weeks ago
A map demonstrating various UX research tools that could be used in different UX processes. https://t.co/9zygylZCmG