2018 Officers

Shaimaa Lazem, chair

City of Scientific Research and Technology Applications (SRTA-City), Egypt

Shaimaa Lazem  earned a BSc and MSc in Computer Engineering from Alexandria University, Egypt. She earned her PhD in Computer Science, Virginia Tech, USA in 2012. She holds an academic research position at the City of Scientific Research and Technology Applications (SRTA-City), Egypt. Her research projects included designing educational games that helped children in rural Egypt, and exploring flexible learning pedagogies for teaching HCI to engineering students. She is the Egyptian lead of a UK-Egypt project to engage Egyptian Bedouins in self-documenting their intangible heritage using mobile phones, the Hilali Institutional link , with Kingston University, UK. Shaimaa was recently awarded the Leaders in Innovation Fellowship with the Royal Academy of Engineering in London.
Contact : shlazem@acm.org.
Ask me about : Educational technologies, Communities and Technologies, Participatory Design, User Research

Mennatallah Saleh, Vice Chair :

Technical University of Berlin/Hamm-Lippstadt University of Applied Science

I am a PhD Student working on cross-cultural usable privacy. I conduct ethnographic qualitative research and I am interested in Information sharing decisions on social media platforms.I want to make the world a better place through design for underprivileged communities. I have finished my Bachelors from the German University in Cairo and my masters project was a collaboration between the German University in Cairo and Hamm-Lippstadt Applied Sciences University.
Contact : menna.esaleh@gmail.com


Ask  me about  : HCI for Development, Cross-cultural HCI, literacy and education, usable privacy

Rana Mohamed Eisa , Treasurer:

German University in Cairo

Rana Eisa is an Assistant Lecturer and a 1st year PhD student in the German University in Cairo (GUC). Her thesis focuses on exploring the privacy concerns from the behavioral activity of any user. In 2015, she earned her M.Sc. from the German University in Cairo (GUC) that focused on different interaction techniques and designs to enhance menu navigation for the users. Rana’s research interests include privacy, usability, social networks, and behavioral security. She also attended HCI across Borders workshops and symposiums.
Contact : rana.mohamed.eisa@gmail.com

Ask me about : Privacy, Usability, Behavior Analysis, Security, HCI, Event Detection

Yasmeen Abdrabou, Secretary

German University in Cairo (GUC)

Assistant lecturer and a 1st year PhD student in the German University in Cairo (GUC). Her thesis focuses on exploring the privacy concerns from and by ubiquitous systems. In 2017, she co-founded a cultural heritage cluster in the GUC with the collaboration of Luxor governorate, Egypt to integrate ubiquitous technologies in the heritage sites. In 2016, she earned her M.Sc. from the German University in Cairo (GUC), where her dissertation focused on integrating and evaluating ubiquitous technologies in the pedagogical field.
Contact : yasmeen.e.mahmoud@gmail.com .

Ask me about : Ubiquitous Computing, Privacy, Usability, cultural heritage, Education and Affective Computing,

Passant Elagroudy, Web Master

University of Stuttgart, Visualizations and Interactive Systems Institute

Passant is a PhD student a researcher in Univeristy of Stuttgart, Germany. Her research focuses on creating ubiquitous technologies for augmenting human memory. She earned her BSc and MSc degree from the Faculty of Digital Media Engineering and Technology in the German University in Cairo (GUC). She worked on several EU research projects such as RECALL and AMPLIFY to augment the human senses. Passant also worked in a serious games research cluster and an affective computing research cluster in the GUC. She also worked before in supporting the memories of knowledge workers in the German Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI).

Ask me about: memories, lifelogging, serious games, HCI qualitative research, studying in Germany, social media


Mohamed Khamis:

University of Glasgow

Mohamed Khamis is a Lecturer at the University of Glasgow, UK. His research interests are at the intersection of Human Computer Interaction, Ubiquitous Computing, and User Privacy and Security. In particular, he worked in eye tracking, gaze-based interaction, mobile devices, public displays, virtual reality, and usable security. Mohamed started establishing a community of Egyptian HCI researchers in 2014 using a Facebook group. He and other group members planned and organized talks and sessions at the German University in Cairo, Egypt. He organized informal annual gatherings for Egyptian HCI researchers at the CHI conference. In CHI 2016, he was among the first to join an initiative for creating a community of ArabHCI researchers. He then actively participated in the first Arab SIG meeting at CHI 2017, and co-organized the first ArabHCI workshop at CHI 2018. He is a founding member of Cairo ACM SIGCHI Chapter .
Contact : me@mkhamis.com

Ask me about : Human-Computer Interaction, Human-centered security, Usable Security, Ubiquitous Computing

Perihan Elbaz:

Service Delivery Manager , GCSSD

I am an information system professional and researcher with a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science, from Institute of studies and statistical research (ISSR) – Cairo University. I am working in the IT Industry since June 1996. I have more than 20 years working experience in Information Systems, analysis, design and building UCD departments in some of the Egyptian software houses in Egypt. I have a strong understanding of UCD processes and methods. My research interests include Information Systems usability, Human Computer Interaction, User-centered Design and cultural effect on systems usability. In these topics, I have published several papers in national and international conferences and journals. In the meantime, i am a local group contact person of The Information Architecture Institute in Egypt. I have a strong understanding of Project management and delivery of services technology to clients. Delivery with oversees a number of key functions within IT department. That enable the delivery of a high quality service to end users, and to ensure service support and facing role, and requires establishing and managing expectations within the business and drive IT team to achieve those expectations to a high standard.
Contact : perihanm@hotmail.com
Ask me about : User Centered Design , Human Computer Interaction, Usability, The Influence of Culture on System’s Usability, Business/System Analysis, Project Management.

Galal H. Galal-Edeen:

Cairo University/ UCL

A professor of information systems engineering at the Faculty of Computers and Information, Cairo university, certified usability analyst & internationally certified trainer. Worked at various UK universities for almost 20 years & led many consultancy assignments and research projects. Interested in innovation, gave and received extensive training on innovation, IP, technology transfer, research commercialisation and the management of technological innovation. Served as University Chair on Innovation, as head of department and as vice-dean. Education: BSc Management Sciences (SAMS, Cairo); MSc Systems Analysis and Design (City University, UK); PhD Information Systems Engineering (Brunel University, UK); BA Architecture (Univ. of Greenwich, UK); MSc Spatial Design Architecture and Cities (UCL, UK). Visiting Professor at UCL, UK and served as visiting professor at Nile University and at AUC. Member of the British Computer Society. Interests: Photography, Art & Architecture, and Scuba Diving.
contact : Galaledeen@gmail.com
Ask me about :Innovation, Usability evaluation, user research

Ghada Refaat El Said :Management Information Systems Department – Future University in EGYPTDr Ghada Refaat El Said is an Information Technology professional, researcher, and a member of university academic staff. She is currently an associate professor of Management Information Systems at the Future University in Egypt. She is a freelancer in the areas of Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and System’s Usability. In the HCI specialization, she conducted number of research projects, namely on Usability for Arabic speakers culture, and published in number of international journals, and HCI conferences. Dr El Said gained a master of science from the School of Computer Science and Information Technology, Nottingham University, an a PhD from the Department of Information Systems and Computing, Brunel University, UK. Both degrees focus on usability evaluation of Information System for Arabic speakers’ users.
contact : ghada.refaat@fue.edu.eg
Ask me about :  Human Computer Interaction – Information Systems Usability

Seif Eldin Samer Abdelwahab:

Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University
9th term computer and communications student, I work as freelancer in the field of photography, videography and art directing. I am interested in HCI since I was research assistant with Dr.Shaimaa Lazem in 2017 during and before the Hilali summer school which had for goal to provide the HCI concepts for the students attending the school to create a usable mobile application for Bedouins in Borg El-Arab to preserve their culture. I am a robotics instructor for kids between 10 and 12 years. I am interested also in machine learning since I had pattern recognition course last term at the university.
contact :seif.samer@gmail.com

Ask me about : HCI, UX, web design, database, machine learning, photography, videography, movie editing

Mahinour Elsheikh:

Software developer ,Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University

last year computer and communication student and a former volunteer at Microsoft Student Partner Club . I am interested in HCI when i joined the Hilali summer school to create a mobile application for Bedouins . I am mainly interested in machine learning and deep learning fields as i have worked in several applications and project related to them.
Contact : mahinourelsheikh@gmail.com
Ask me about : machine learning , computer vision, HCI,software development , books.

Amr Ahmed Ismail:

Babelfounded Babel which is a media production house and is a Behance Local Community Leader  , have more than 5 years experience in media production and  specialized in filmmaking and UI. Graduated from Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Communication Department 2018
Contact:  amr.ismail@babelmp.com
Ask me about :  Entrepreneurship, UI/UX Design , Film-making.

Abdelrahman El-Adawy

Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University
An Electronics and Communications department graduate, a Database architect and Fullstack developer for a Brimore, and the Chairman of IEEE AlexSB who likes to read, write, play music, do handcrafts and paint. Currently in the process of pursuing an “embedded systems” career. Obviously a multifield enthusiast, worked as a Translator and a Research Assistant in non-engineering domains before, but the fact remains that Engineering and Writing are the two main pillars so far. Ask me about my blogs, or codes anytime!
Contact : abdelrahman_eladawy@ieee.org

Ask me about : Database Design, Embedded Systems, Biomedical Engineering, Spoken Languages, Puzzles

Ayah Yasser:

Software Engineer
A computer & communications 2018 graduate from the Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University. .An IEEE AlexSB volunteer since 2015. Junior software developer .Aspiring writer; ironically working in research as well as trying to write a novel. Loves stories and reading.
Contact:  ayah.yasser11@gmail.com

Ask me about :-Research (Network Security) – Software development

Sherif Ashraf

Faculty of Engineering – Alexandria UniversitySherif is an undergraduate Electronics & Communication student who is also a graphic designer. He started design in 2012 and since then he has been part of organizations like IEEE AlexSB and media production houses like Babel.
Contact : sherifashrafgbr@gmail.com
Ask me about : UI, UX, Graphic Design, Web Design, 3D Art